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M2 Dual Ignition on, single off

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  • M2 Dual Ignition on, single off

    I know my title is confusing, sorry. Basically I want the option of being able to start the PC before that car but I don't want to have to remember to turn it off manually.

    I have a remote switch that I can use either as momentary or as permanent(programmable remote from What I want to accomplish is when I press my remote it will turn the PC on by providing +12v to the Ignition line of my M2.

    That is the easy part(momentary to constant relay setup) but I want to switch to my real Ignition line when the car is started and turn off the fake one so that the PC will shutdown and stay off when I turn off the car.

    Sorry if I am overlooking a simple answer to my problem.

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    it wouldnt be that hard to do with a couple relays, you could even use mosfets i think and go that route. what youre asking basically is a "latching" 12v signal. which means "turn the ignition signal on, and reset yourself once the car is started".

    i do it with my remote car starter. you can set one of the auxiliary outputs to come one with the keychain button, and then when you turn on the actual ignition the pc stays on and the aux resets itself so its ready to be used again later. but two bosch relays can pull off the same trick if you dont have a remote aux to use.


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      I just set my programmable remote to about 30 mins, and it acts like it was never there if I turn the key on. Just because I'm so forgetful, but then again it was designed for a car PC.