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M2 atx J8 busted?

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  • M2 atx J8 busted?

    So i parked my car during the winter so i can redo a couple of things, bushings seals.

    I figured while i have my car off the road i will redo my install and just make it look cleaner so i had my carputer sitting on a shelf for 3 months i went to connect everything yesterday and for some reason my M2 is not sending a power on signal from J8 to the motherboard.
    I tried to connect a switch to J9 and the manual switch also wont turn it on.

    If i put a manual switch on the motherboard it powers up just fine.. Could J8 have just died while it was sitting??

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    Have you tried reversing the polarity?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Originally posted by DarquePervert View Post
      Have you tried reversing the polarity?
      Yes i tried that.
      i also tried the J9 to see if that would send the signal to the mobo.. none work.
      i put a volt meter to them and they show no power


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        Good people! You see, I have the same problem as Project_330CI partner. But my M2 has not been idle, just dismounted the CarPC to replace the timber in which DM had it installed by a sheet to avoid a very annoying parasites in the audio. When reinstalling pair test, the motherboard is not lit. As I understand it may be that the electronic component that is just above the J8 a bit to the left is melted. See if someone was able to solve this problem because I'm almost 1 month with the disassembled CarPC: (
        Greetings to all, very good read little things here, we note that there are good people!

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          same here after 2 years of good service. anyone found a solution?


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            Originally posted by hadaak View Post
            same here after 2 years of good service. anyone found a solution?
            Yes, I'm ... But that is not removed. It's working with a button to switch the M2


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              can you give more detail on how you're using a button to power up the M2-ATX with a busted J8 pin, please ??


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                the M2ATX is a POS, im another with a busted J8. what happens is you reverse the polarity on that pin, u fry the circuitry that creates the "momentary pulse" needed to boot the motherboard. now, you'd never know that because they don't mention it anywhere, and the wire they supply to you will go on either way.

                when i contacted customer support, i got nothing.
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                  Same problem. Same Hardware.
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