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M2 ATX Amp out and power issues

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  • M2 ATX Amp out and power issues

    I purchased a complete CarPC from Mocoso. The unit is an Atom330 powered by a M2ATX. I have a moderate sound system using a couple of amplifiers. I was also using the amp on lead to trigger a relay that controls a couple of fans to cool a compartment my carpc and amps are in. Well the amp out lead wouldn't ever trigger any of those components. When I started trying to troubleshoot I measured the voltage of that wire. The wire had 12v when not connected to anything, but dropped to 3-5v with a load on it (connected to the multiple components). I tried connecting to just one amp (thinking maybe the current draw was just too much, it not even a light flicker or any indication that it was even trying. I did a lot of reading on these forums and read that the amp out lead on these psu were notoriously faulty. I contacted MOCOSO, who was great and offered to send me a replacement unit. Once it arrived, I quickly swapped it out and got everythign connected with the exact same results......I feel I have tried everything. I even changed the input wire from about 12 gauge to an 8 gauge hot wire feeding the PSU because I thought maybe the input voltage wasn't enough to do the internal switching and power the external components...but that had no effect. Any ideas or suggestions? It's not the end of the world, but when connected direct to my ignition, I get the notorious "Pop" out of my speakers which is really annoying!!