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Startup / shutdown issues

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  • Startup / shutdown issues

    ok, so i've got the m2-atx 140watt
    I'm using a 400 watt atx psu to power it.

    When i have the thing is ps0 (dumb psu mode) I get 12v across the molex 12v rail.. like i should. So i've got the +12 going to the + on the m2-atx. Then the ground right next to it going to the - on the m2-atx. Then the plug going from j8 to the mb power switch header. Everything starts fine when i apply power.

    I put the jumper in the "reccomended" position on the m2-atx (jumping b if I remember right). I then run the switched (center pole on the m2-atx between + and -) to a switch and from the switch I run to the +12v that im pulling power from.

    I power up and test and am getting 12v across the unswitched power.
    I flip the switch.. and nothing happens.
    I recheck the power.. now it's at 9.4v
    I check the switched line.. 9.4v
    I flipthe switch back to off and check the power line.. 12v
    So i put the Voltimeter inline (removing the + wiring.)
    As soon as I flip that switch I go to 9.4v

    So i decide.. maybe i need to plug into something that provides a bit more power. So i probe the atx supply for the +12 and the -5 (which turns out without any load is giving me 18v) and try that out..

    everything goes to 9.4v (except the 5's, 3's and ground of course.)

    now this WAS a gaming PSU from about 4 years ago. and it WAS used to power an athalon processor.. which from what I understand ran at/around 9.6v.. perhaps it's kicking into "running mode" after it gets a proper load?

    Just kinda throwing this out in hopes someone has seen it and can confirm it's the PSU (before I start looking at the computers around me like zed in borderlands.. mmm organs!)
    I'll do the bumbling, and i'll be the idiot.
    if you've got a "stupid" question, search for some of mine!

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    Didn't work for me in the house using an old PC PSU either.

    It needs more that 12v for it to pulse/sense. When you have it in your car it will work