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I think I broke my M2-ATX

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  • I think I broke my M2-ATX

    As I was relocating my PC I thought I had space but alas no space.. I managed to break off 3 of the resistors. Has anyone had any experience putting them back on or do I need to just go buy a new power supply and if so I know there are some new options out since i bought the M2. Anything that is a suitable replacement yet still economical?

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    Just re-solder them on if it doesnt look that bad.


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      Obviously any of the newer power supplies are better suited, but the M2-ATX is an excellent PSU in my opinion. Even if you can't solder, it takes about 20 minutes to learn from an online tutorial. It's not like they're difficult parts either, so it shouldn't cause a problem. Make sure you test it properly before you plug it back in, though.
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