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Problems with remote turn on.

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  • Problems with remote turn on.

    I have my M2-ATX in P1 mode. If I supply it with +12V and then jumper J1 to J3, it'll turn on it just fine, and shut down as expected.

    I have an m700AR ( cheap Chinese LCD touch screen) that has a PC Power on button that I want to use. The PC Power on button registers 2.3V when I push the button, and goes down to like .006V when I confirm I want the PC Turned off, however the M2-ATX-HV that I have won't turn on when it sees ~1.5-2.3V on J3.

    So my problem is, I may not always want my carpc on, and would like to have the ability to control it solely by my M700AR Head unit.

    Is there any way to increase the sensitivity on J3? or make this work without wiring a switch in, or having J3 connected to ACC?

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    use a mosfet to apply 12v+ from ign. to J3 via 2.3v+ from HU. so...

    gate = 2.3v+ (from hu)
    source = J3
    drain = 12v+ (from ign. wire)

    maybe somebody else can verify if this will work...