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M2-ATX PSU photo/schematic/5V&3.3V rail missing

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  • M2-ATX PSU photo/schematic/5V&3.3V rail missing

    I'd like to ask who could send me a high-res pic of this PCB where I could read the names of used components? The reason behind is that I need to know the types of ICs being used on this PSU. I just bought the cheaper chinese clone solution and now after using it without any problems for almost a year the PSU is broken. I can just measure the +/-12V rail, 5V and 3.3V are dead.

    So my assumption is that the MOSFETs, the DC-DC stepdown regulator or the PSU control via PIC has a malefunction. So if anyone had the same problem it would be nice to know if he could solve it. If anyone can tell me what's written on the ICs, that's fine too. If anyone could send me a picture where I can read the data, it would be even more sufficient.

    I think it's quite useless to ask directly for a schematic. I search the whole internet but wasnt able to find it. But if anyone has it....?

    Thank you very much for your help!!