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Shut down when opt drive used

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  • Shut down when opt drive used

    I have a new system using a Asus ionatx-i, m2-atx ps, lightscribe 5.25 dvd drive. Everytime I try to load my OS in my dvd drive everything shuts down. can anyone help?

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    I purchased a LG external drive that runs on usb and the system stays up and running. I do have an idea though- can I run unregulated 12v to the 5.25 drive bypassing the m2atx? I realize a diode would be necesary so not to feedback current into the m2atx. I would like to know if the light-on desktop drive would handle the current because I really like the beefier tray on it and the W/RW speed. Also sorry for the double post there was a delay on posting the first one. Thanks


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      The diode won't do anything unless you are paralleling the two power feeds.

      You problem may be the unregulated supply, and signal voltages exceeding the +12V supply voltages (AFAIK that's doubtful - usually open collector or 5V signaling is used).


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        Thanks for reply

        So there is no way to bypass the m2atx to power the dvd drive? I understand that power regulation is a must with the MB but I would think a dvd drive would not be as finicky about pwr regulation


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          i couldn't find the motherboard on google, but can't you use a desktop psu and install everything?
          good luck


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            You can use a separate supply - that shouldn't be a problem.
            But I wouldn't recommend a "raw" car supply in case of spikes etc.

            I'd try it but I would accept the risk. I'd do it for HDDs as well, but I always buy pairs of HDDs in case one control board blows (no - not for RAID). But DVD's aren't as risky - it's not like you gonna wreck your data.