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  • bench test m-2/xbox


    I am trying to install xbox in my car using m-2. Before I install it in my car, I would like to hook it up to 12 volt power supply at home so that I can test my xbox. I am trying to use recommended jumper setting by m-2. How can I simulate turning on accessory wire? Should I connect both (+) wire and accessory wire to (+) tap on the 12 volt power supply? If I connect M-2's "motherboard power on" wire to power button on xbox, then will xbox automatically turn on? Remember I want to do this at home with a 12 volt power supply before I hook these wires to battery. Thanks so much for your help in advance!


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    Yes, if you want the key "On" put the acc and 12v wires together on a 12v source.


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      hmm, i don't believe this will work-- the last thread i looked at stated that the xbox 360 required 16.5 amps of power on the 12v rail, and about 0.5 amps on the 5v rail.

      the only dc-dc option that puts out that much power is the Opus 360, and that puts out 15 amps continuous, so you would even be over stressing that power supply as well...

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        Hicotton02, thanks for the prompt response. If I don't want to connect motherboard on wire to the xbox power button, will my xbox be on as soon as I connect both + and acc line to (+) side of power supply? Soundman98, I am sorry. Mine is not xbox360. It is xbox. Thanks for the information though.