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M-2 Optional On/Off Switch

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  • M-2 Optional On/Off Switch

    Thanks to many of you, I can bench test my xbox and it is working properly. I put M-2 in xbox and had both acc and (+) line to (+) side of 12 volt power supply. Since I soldered motherboard on/off switch to xbox power button, when I turn on the power supply, the xbox turns on in about 5 seconds. I am using the default jumper setting. Withi these settings, xbox turns on automatically when acc line is on.

    Here is my question: What is M-2 optional on/off switch? If I add a remote switch then can I turn and off xbox manually using the switch? Does that override acc line on/off?

    Thanks for your explanation in advance!


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    Pretty much, generally when people put in the optional switches, it is to give them a little more control over the unit, for instance, if they are only moving the car from the end of the driveway into the garage, they can flick the switch off, and stop the unit powering up for the short trip.

    So they put the switch inline with the ACC+ line, so it runs from Battery to one side of the switch, and the other side of the switch to the M2.

    When the switch is on, the system powers up with the ACC as per normal. But with the switch off, the power never gets to the M2 to trigger the turn on, and the system stays shut off.


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      ^ what he said. you could also install a momentary switch attached to the power button as well, so when the xbox freezes, or you want to turn it off without turning the car off, you can just press the button..
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        I am a little bit confused here. M-2 has an optional external switch connector/cable on the board. What Chester and Soundman98 seem to talk about adding an additional switch on AC line that goes into M-2. Do these produce the same functions?