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350z lock delay with M2-ATX

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  • 350z lock delay with M2-ATX

    Here is my situation, i am using M2-ATX with power connected to constant 12v battery source and Ignition wire connected to accessory source (to be able to use pc while key in acc position doh)

    the jumper is set for 5sec delay and 2hrs power down, so when i turn off the car i have to wait this 5 sec for the power supply to initiate standby for my pc and only then i can lock my car and same thing if i need to open my trunk

    any one faced this issue with their cars? car is 08 nissan 350z

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    its funy you mentioned this as its exactly what i have with my m2-atx.

    I have no idea why it happens though.... Any ideas anyone?