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M2-ATX burned - help

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  • M2-ATX burned - help

    good day

    need your help, I have an M2-ATX supply that I blew.
    I switched from the positive and negative so burned a component of plaque present in the image.
    need to know what is the reference component in order to try to repair burned.
    be grateful.

    Thank you.

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    It is most likely a diode which only allows current to flow one way. I think the PCB is also printscreened with "D1" which would support my theory.

    What value the diode is.......who knows! However it is most likely, something else will have burned, even if it's not see-able But you may be lucky ;-)


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      From the pic & above it seems it is a reverse-biased to absorb negative transients - which it did and blew.
      Once that let go, the other reverse biased junctions would have fried. That means transistors in chips etc. IOW - as BigK wrote, a few else's may have burned.

      If only the (reverse biased) diode blew, the PSU will work without it.
      It would be any power diode - not critical; ideally the equivalent to IN4007 or 4007s etc.

      It isn't a reverse polarity protection diode (unless it coincidentally happened to be faulty - ie, a short).

      Either way, I'd say more has blown....