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Shutdown issues. Windows not shutting down, then hard-off

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  • Shutdown issues. Windows not shutting down, then hard-off

    My m2-atx is set in its standard on/off configuration (P1: 5s + 1min AutoLatch*, 1min hard off). When i turn on the ignition the pc will delay 5 seconds and boot up as its supposed to. When i turn the ignition off, nothing happens -windows does not begin to shut down! then once the 1min hard off time is up, It hard Offs.

    I have also tried by unplugging the ignition wire to be certain that there is no live feed keeping the psu from shutting down, but this makes no difference.

    If i switch the ignition off but then back on again before the 1min hard-off countdown is up, i can hear a 'Click' come from the pc, however i am yet to look and see if its coming from the psu or m/board.

    I did remove all my USB devices to see if that affected it and on One occasion it did shut down! I thought i had the answer -a usb device keeping the rail alive.. but on my following re-trys it was back to square one and not shutting down.

    Bios settings for power button is '4 sec hold' or 'instant off' -i have tried both. M/board is a VIA EPIA EN12000EG.

    Any ideas whats going on?

    Thanks for the help