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Did I purchase a fake PSU ?

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  • Did I purchase a fake PSU ?

    Hi fellow folks,
    I am a newbie around here, and just purchased a "M2-ATX" PSU unit. When the unit arrived today, I had a little look at it. I have not plugged it into the car yet, as I am building my carputer at the moment.

    But, while looking at the online specs and the user guide that I have been provided (both from same eBay page), it appears I purchased and received 2 different PSUs.

    Here is the purchased item, but the received item says its max output as 150Watts, clearly different from the purchased item from the link above. Can you guys kindly download and have a quick look at this user guide for this PSU from here?

    It seems that this is a different PSU. Since I am entitled to a refund/replacement during my first 7 days, I wonder if it is worth keeping or returning this PSU.

    Kindly advice on this and thanks for reading my long post.

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    I had a look at those, and there some other ebay sellers that look similar to that.

    I'm afraid that is probably not (I'm 99% sure) a genuine Minibox M2-ATX but a cheap chinese copy.

    That is why I did not buy one from them. I got mine from LinITX, cost me more than that one, but I know it's a genuine MiniBox unit and Chris there gives great support.

    Doubt you are entitled to any refund or replacement unless it is definitely faulty.

    The ebay auction does list both wattages,160 and 150, so maybe that could be grounds for an Ebay dispute.


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      i do believe that is not a real m2..

      in the title of the listing, they only list m2 after the main title-- so that it turns up in the search listings when looking for "m2 power supplies"

      i see that a lot when looking at rc cars and parts on ebay--like this one:

      this is a HPI Savage truck, but they list another brand-- the traxxas t-max, in the title to draw others to the listing..

      back on subject--though i think i have seen others use off-brand power supplies with very little issues..(according to what i have read, minibox doesn't offer much support, or reliability anyways..)
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        Maybe the copies have cleaned up any noise issues? (M4 refers)

        I love Soundman's truck link....
        "any aftermarket parts installed?" - "The only aftermarket parts are already on the truck".
        "I cannot advertise it as new because it.... has some fine scratches, ...was run for break in, ....been ... tested....".
        I guess the aftermarket parts are there part of the as OEM release.
        Good to see it's been broken in though!

        BTW - copies are often quite good. Some even exceed the original's performance and quality.

        And it's nice knowing they won't scream foul when we start copying their innovations...

        PS BTW - report misleading advertising to eBay.


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          Thanks for the replies. I am writing to the seller to ask for a refund on this.


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            I would try it first and if it works, then I would keep it.
            why you didn't ask question before the purchase?