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M2 not start

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  • M2 not start

    I buy m2 atx from seller ( from )

    Now my m2 is damage Its not power on its quite

    I replace U4 LM2642 then Its not good and no power on

    I check PIC16F819 mcu work good

    I think problem its about from Q11 and D5

    I am not shure . I dont know about number of Q11 and D5

    Can u tell me for partnumber of Q11 and D5 ( left is Q11 right is D5 )

    Please suggest me for ploblem

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    PIC16F819 pin no 3 RA4 (0 = Enable power supply output)
    connect to Q11 (smd code R34) and Q11 connect ot LM2642 pin no 10,11,12

    ON/SS2 (Pin 10): Channel 2 enable pin. See the description
    for Pin 9, ON/SS1. May be connected to ON/SS1 for simultaneous
    startup or for parallel operation.
    FB2 (Pin 11): Feedback input for channel 2. Connect to
    VOUT through a voltage divider to set the Channel 2 output
    COMP2 (Pin 12): Compensation pin for Channel 2. This is
    the output of the internal transconductance amplifier. The
    compensation network should be connected between this
    pin and the signal ground SGND (Pin 8).

    PIC16F819 pin I suspect Q11 problem but can't find part number and not sure Q11 is transistor or fet
    Please wait other member for help you..


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      M2 not start

      I m new
      i think R34 is 2SC4227 and L2 is HSMP3862 search for 2SC4227 pdf and HSMP3862 pdf on google end you will see what is