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didn't get a p4 12v connector what now

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  • didn't get a p4 12v connector what now

    OK, so when I ordered my m2-ATX I foolishly neglected to select the optional p412v to p412v connector, I don't see it as a stand alone item in the store (though I might have missed it) and I doubt I will be able to just buy one from my local radio shack and have it work. what can I do to rectify this error? could I take and ancient dead pair of power supplies and just solder the two connectors together? what is the relationship between the pins, does it just go from like pin to like pin? would it be ok so long as I just connect the same color? what do?

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    You can cut off the P4 harness from two broken ATX power supplies and splice them.

    As i remember it's just yellow to yellow and black to black.

    If you connect it wrong nothing will happen, the power supply will just turn off.

    // Per.


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      Yes there is only connection of the same colors... Yellow to yellow, black to black... Its working perfect

      I made the same mistake when I ordered mine...


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        I forgot 2, very dissapointing they dont provide one with the M2 atx, when other similar psu's do.

        Anyway order mine off ebay, as refused to pay typical Australian markup, but had to wait for it to arrive.
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