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M2ATX weird motherboard on/off switch

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  • M2ATX weird motherboard on/off switch


    I have just installed a M2ATX psu for use in car.
    Everything wired correctly and when i turn my key to ignition, after 5 secs the pc came on.Turn the key out of ignition and the pc shuts down! GREAT!!!!

    However after around 3 times of testing the machine, the pc wont start when turning on ignition.
    So i connected an external power switch to the psu and the pc comes on but does not give remote signal to amp from psu.So i turn the pc off and just after turning it off, the pc comes on with amp remote on and works perfectly.When i turn the key off ignition, the pc shuts down!

    I cannot understand why the psu is not turning on the board automatically???
    Tested all voltages and connections.Perfect.
    Tried jumper configurations.
    The ignition signal that goes to the psu is also powering my screen and that tested fine.

    PC Specs: Intel Atom D510M0,2gigs ddr2,80gig hdd,M2ATX.

    Please help...been troubleshooting for 6 hrs now

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    Removed power and reapplied it to PSU.
    Works perfectly now.
    WEIRD.Didnt know that this unit could be reset.


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      It sounds to me like the PIC that controls the startup/shutdown got confused about what state it should be in. Removing power from the battery will cause the PIC to start fresh at the beginning of the code, effectively resetting it.