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How reliable are your M2's? (Mine just died)

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  • How reliable are your M2's? (Mine just died)

    So after about 2 years of use, my M2-ATX died and seemed to have taken my motherboard with it. The past few months before it completely died, I noticed my carputer being much slower: music playback would randomly stutter, and it would take a very long time to launch programs. Then it got more severe - the Carputer would freeze randomly, requiring a hard restart, only to freeze again. After about a week of this, the motherboard finally stopped booting up.

    I opened up my case and found that one of the capacitors on the M2 had been leaking:

    So right now, I am trying to figure out whether or not I want to get a M2 for my next system or go with an Opus. I have heard many bad things about the M4, but I was wondering if people were having any reliability issues with their M2's. Thoughts?
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    I never had a problem with M2s at all. And I own five. Very reliable. Your just one of the few unlucky ones. Caps can go on almost anything not just the M2s. I changed some caps on a 32" lcd tv that was only 6 months old, this was about 3 yrs ago. Still working great, no more issues. Instead of replacing the M2, why don't you get the value that is printed on the caps and go to Radio Crap? They should have the caps you need. And change them yourself. If you know how to de-solder/solder this shouldn't be a problem.....easy fix, plus save yourself some $dough$ too. I'm also planning on getting the Opus 360, being the next project I do will require more with a quad core setup. Opus products are great to. Good Luck.


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      ^while it is worth a shot, there is a pretty good chance that the bad cap ruined other components on the m2..

      i had about 10-15 lcd monitors from work that had quit working-- all of them would work for about 5 seconds, and then shut off.. the first one only required the capacitors to be replaced, so i ordered enough to replace the rest--even after replacing the all of the caps in all of the screens, most of them still had the same problem, so i was left to assume that the cap destroyed other components on the boards...
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        mine has a reliability record of perfect for about the last 2 years. every time i have had a problem with it, it was my error (usually unsuitable connections somewhere in the electrical system). for a basic power supply, its really good.

        im looking to upgrade to something a little more intelligent though... well whenever i get a new truck and carpc i will.