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M2-ATX Not sending shutdown when ignition off

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  • M2-ATX Not sending shutdown when ignition off

    Sorry if this is a repeat question because I feel it is, but a quick search and I couldnt find a solution. I will continue to search, but in the mean time here is my problem.
    I have J1 (RED) wired directly into my battery
    J3 (white) to my ignition (+ when key on)
    J4 (Black) Directly to ground
    J8 To Motherboard power
    J10 has a jumper on "A" which is P1
    I have just reinstalled my carpc into a new vehicle that I bought. Before this I always ran this setup in P0 (dummy) mode and had the positive (J1) on a relay/switch so I don't know if P1 /ever/ worked correctly.

    With everything off, I turn the key to "IGN/ON" and PC & screen boot up fine. when I turn the key to off position my monitor shuts off, but PC never even tries to sleep/hibernate/OR shut off. I have verified with a meter that it does infact lose power when I turn the key off so I'm thinking maybe the M2atx is bad? I have verified also that my power settings in the control panel are set to "Hibernate when power button is pressed"

    Also, if I manually hibernate/shutdown/sleep I find that the only way to boot the pc again is to pull the fuse thats going to J1 (remove power completely) then reinsert it.

    Anyone else having the issues I am?

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    Switched a couple settings around in the bios and it works fine now.


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      what settings did you change? cause i'm having a very similar problem .... I have a zotac mobo btw.


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        Honestly I don't remember, But it's back to not shutting down again so i have unplugged it and haven't powered it on in a few weeks because it ****ed me off so much.