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No display comming when powering on the PSU

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  • No display comming when powering on the PSU

    I got the new PSU and new motherboard. Connected J8 to the motherboard ON/OFF switch. Pluged in the m2 atx 20pin to the mother. I am using car battery to test whether every thing is fine. I connect the J3 and J1 to the +ve terminal of the battery and J4 to -ve terminal.
    After 5 sec delay, I can see the light in the motherboard and the light in the mouse comes and goes in a fraction, there is no display comming nor the lights on the keyoard comes up.
    As I am new to this not sure what has gone wrong, need assist on this.


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    Did you hook up the cpu 4pin 12v plug as well some mainboards need that. Just a thought SNO


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      I have is a Intel Atom D525MW, as per the manual it say's you should not connect the 12V 4 pin.. But will give it a try..., any thing else I should check


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        I did connect 4pin 12v plug, but still no display nor keyboard light is comming... Light on the motherboard comes up, but there is no display nor there is light in Keyboard.. seems like there no enough power.. Let me know if any other things I needs to check... meanwhile I try to connect the SMPS from the desktop to the motherboad to see if there is problem in PSU or in the motherboard


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          1. Does the motherboard have a 20 pin ATX power connector or a 24 pin power connector?
          2. Does the motherboard have a optional P4-12V power connector, are you connecting it to the power supply?
          3. Are you connecting a speaker to the speaker pins on the motherboard, are you getting a power on self test power good beep on the speaker? If your not getting one beep, have you gone to to see what BIOS post code your getting means?
          4. Have you tried a desktop power supply on the motherboard, does it boot?
          5. Have you tried installing only one stick of ram and resetting the BIOS?
          6. What make/model of motherboard, processor and memory are you installing?
          7. Also check or replace the coin battery for the CMOS, improper power from adaper can burn at the contact points and cause an open circuit between the battery/Cmos connection
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            Connected my desktop SMPS to the motherboard, reset the BIOS, but it was the same. Had a feeling there might be a problem in the motherboard and got it replaced. and good news is after replacing the motherboard, everything is working fine as expected..