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Anyone with a simple M2-ATX J8 polarity answer? Please?

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  • Anyone with a simple M2-ATX J8 polarity answer? Please?

    I'm about to start night shifts, thought i would sort the car PC out, it has a part fried M2 ATX HV which only draws power on the IGN line and hardoffs regardless of jumpers.

    I have bought another M2-ATX 2nd hand so am aware im chancing it, I was going to fit it but recalled the polarity issue. "Easy enough" I think, "quick look on MP3Car should sort that". Have now searched for an hour or more. My head hurts. I need to sleep for an hour before 12hrs of manufacturing hell. The closest i got to an answer was this:

    Now, on the M2-ATX, the connector on the cable is asymmetric: the bottom J8 pin goes to RED, the top pin to BLACK. Otherwise the pins are identical: Both are 3 Ohms to ground in forward bias and Open to ground in reverse (e.g. a diode), and Open to each other in both directions. So I assume the top J8 pin (RED wire) goes to the signal pin on the motherboard, and the other J8 pin (bottom, black wire) goes to the ground pin on the motherboard. I think only this way makes sense though I'd like some confirmation from mini-box or someone else who knows more than I do

    So even in that, the closest of answers, the bottom J8 Pin is red but the cable is black? My connector is able to be connected either way, is it a clone? How about someone just says which pin on the M2 J8 ahould be connected to the Motherboard Power switch positive pin. That would be a helpful answer, if someone could do that i'd be very grateful. Why this is such a secret baffles me.


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    Corin, I'm having the same problem. You already have an answer for this? you tried to talk to the