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M2 ATX will not turn computer off

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  • M2 ATX will not turn computer off

    Hey guys somewhat opposite issue to what I've been reading.

    When I turn the ignition on, everything boots up perfectly without an issue. When I shut the ignition off, nothing happens.

    It'll just stay on. I've tried different jumper locations. Anything else I should try?


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    It sounds like you do not have the power supply hooked up right and you need to have the jumpers set right.

    You really need to get the directions for it and use them.

    You need to have it hooked to the power switch socket on the mother board so it will turn it on and off for one.

    You also need to make sure that your system is set to shut down when the power button is hit because the M2 will act like you tapped the power button to shut down your computer.

    The directions will tell you what the proper settings are for the jumpers.. One setting never shuts off the computer and you have to shut down with the shut down command or remove power from the power supply.

    The normal operation for the M2 in a car is to give a shut down pulse to the power button and wait for the computer to shut off or it will shut off anyway a few seconds later. The jumper settings will set this up and you have to read the directions to know for sure how to do it.

    I believe mine is an M3 ATX but should work the same way.



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      I've had one of these set up in a previous build as well with no issues, never with windows 8 though. I have the PDF up and have followed the instructions for the jumpers.

      If I didn't have something wired correctly, why when I give 12V to the acc pin would the computer boot with no issues? I have a power supply hooked up with 12V to 12V, then I simulate ignition by touching ACC to 12V. It boots as usual and functions perfectly. But when I remove ACC from 12V, nothing happens.


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        With the PC power up, unplug the power button control lead coming from the M2 to the MB, momentarily short the two power button pins on the MB together, does the PC shut down?

        If no then redheadedrod had the answer. If yes then it may be the M2 off pulse time is to short for the MB?
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          I'll try it out. I know the power button was working on the PC before I hooked up the M2. I'll give it a shot tomorrow, thanks!


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            I just reread my entry and it might not have been as clear as I intended....

            When properly setup a normal PC has a power switch connector on the motherboard for an ATX compatible motherboard. Basically the motherboard sees the power switch is activated when these two pins are shorted. So a momentary short against the pins when the computer is off should start up the computer.

            After the computer has past the POST screen and is actually booting the operating system any further tap of the power switch will send a shut down signal to the operating system which then has to decide how to handle it. You can have your computer shut down, hibernate, go into sleep mode, ignore it or whatever is active in your system. You can see this setting if you go to control panel under power.

            After the computer has past the post screen you can also hold the power switch (Or short the contacts) for more than 4 seconds and it will force the motherboard to instantly shut down if setup to do so. (Set up in the BIOS)

            The other mode I am aware of is if you leave the pins jumpered the motherboard will come on when power is applied to the power connector and will only turn off when you remove the power supply or you shut down your computer. (May not work this way in all computers and may depend on BIOS settings.)

            I have an M3 ATX and assume it works the same way. My M3 has a wire that goes to the power switch connector and will short the power switch connector as needed depending on the settings of the software in the power supply and the selections of the jumpers. When I apply power to the accessory lead on the power supply it will short the power supply pins to tell the computer to start up.

            The jumpers will set the reaction to cutting the power to the accessory lead. In one setting it does nothing and the computer will not shut down. You will have to shut it down manually through the operating system shutdown menu. In the other modes the jumpers can set the time for a soft and hard shut down. I think on my M3 the shortest times are 30 second soft shut down and 1 minute hard shutdown. What this means is if I pull the accessory lead for more than 30 seconds the power supply will send a shut down command to the computer which will then handle it depending on how the operating system is setup. (The "what to do when power switch is pressed" setting in the power menu in your control panel regardless of version of windows.) The 1 minute hard shutdown will shut the computer off if it has not already shut its self down. The other jumper settings will be for longer periods of time for the soft and hard shut downs.

            So you need to insure the jumpers are set properly for your desired time out and make sure the operating system power switch option is set properly. Then it should work great. And the power has to be removed from the accessory line for the whole time it takes for the timer to cut the power. (In the above mentioned case 30 seconds to soft power down or 1 minute for the hard shut down. Note that it is normally a BAD idea to let your computer hard shut down so make sure it doesn't happen often.)

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              OK guys I have the same issue.......HELP!!

              We have a bus running drivesoft DS-DVAS-G5 Windows XP based hardware that with a M2-ATX power supply, which went bad.
              We replaced it with a new M2-ATX and now the system does not turn off when the bus is turned off.
              can anyone suggest how to set the jumpers so it will shut off or send a pic of setting.

              any reply ASAP will be highly appreciated .