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    I am looking to get the m4-atx for my carputer but I have a couple questions. I am using a desktop computer for my carputer and swaping out the power supply with the m4, what I would like to know is when using this power supply and it senses power on the remote line and sends power to the motherboard, with the computer boot up or is it still necessary to hit the power button on the computer for it to start up? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    there is a cable that connects to the motherboard from the M4-ATX
    that sends an on/off pulse - with that cable hooked up, it will start up
    for you

    Might want to download the manual and have a look

    M4-ATX Manual


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      Okay, I just recieved my m4 and have a couple questions on hooking it up. My mobo has a 20 pin connector and the m4 has a 24 pin connector. I remember reading that the 4 extra pins can just hang over the plug and it will work fine. I looked at the plug and my plug and all colors match up execpt for the extra 4, 2 on top 2 on bottom, is this okay to do.

      Also for turning the computer on and off, it came with a 2 wire plug, black and red, i believe this is to be hooked in the j8 on pins 6 and 7. Now going from there will it hook to the mobo where the plug for the power button goes? Does the red wire hook to pin 6 or 7? Just want to be sure it gets hooked up right.

      Any help from anyone is greatly appreciated.