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m4 ATX power supply question

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  • m4 ATX power supply question

    Just got my brand new M4 ATX Power supply and i hooked up wires according to directions. As alwayz i want to test it, therefore i let the dip switch to just power supply mode with an external on/off switch from the board.

    Unfortunately, nothing turn on, but there is a LED light power on from the M4 ATX but not from the motherboard. Then i do some Volt check, notice all the wires are all 12V positive (the - wire, the acc wire, yellow black, red ....)

    How come? anybody has the same problem....hate to go back to my inverter

    thanks in advance....

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    What do you mean all the wires are 12v+? What are these wires(going to the M4, ATX plug, power plug?) and how did you determin that?

    What are you using to power the M4? if you are bench testing and using the 12V power from the AC-DC PSU make sure there is enough amperage on the 12V rail. I had the same issue with my m4 and a simple switch to using a car battery at 13V and a higher amperage did the trick


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      thanks for the fast reply....

      i used the + wire to the battery (12.8+) and - to the car chassy, leaving the car off.

      nothing turn on and by leaving everything intack, i got 12V+ from all wires


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        You may not have a clean ground where your attatching. Try hardwiring to the battery, + on battery to + on M4, -(ground) on battery to -(ground) on M4, then jump + on the M4 to the ACC with a toggel switch in between to simulate ignition.


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          in dumb mode, you should be able to jump the turn on lead to any negative on the harness of the m4, and shouldn't need to turn the car on.
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