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M4-ATX woes...yes, another one...

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  • M4-ATX woes...yes, another one...

    The unit "functions". But it has more issues then People magazine.

    It works fine in standard PSU mode, but every other it just does the blink every minute twice and won't come on for anything.

    Now...In PSU mode, it will occasionally, when I turn the ignition off, shut down right away, indicating it thinks I just turned power to the remote ON, rather than off.

    I have a (normally open) single poll single switch hooked up in parallel with the two pin connector going to pin 6&7 on J8 for power on/off, then of course going to the 2 power on/off pins on the motherboard, so I can manually control it. But I was of course looking not to really need to use it much if at all.

    This has been a project I kept on the workbench for quite some time as I had other issues I needed to resolve first. It did some of this rather backwards functioning when I originally got it, but it DID at least work with the standard first switch on (P1) configuration. The only thing that changed was I got a Zotac MB to replace the Intel, as even with this board with a VGA out I had to make an ad-hoc VGA cable due to room constraints.

    Has anyone had this issue? Is there a way to resolve it? Or should I just go with my gut instinct, order an OPUS 320, and shout "Pull" for this one once I can replace it? This is in a 2008 Mustang GT/CS btw.
    2008 Ford Mustang GT/CS CARPC(99%)
    Software: Ride/Road-Runner, Digital FX skin 5.x, iGuidance 2011, GPSgate on Win7 64bit

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    its a buggy psu because its quite new. It seem most bugs have been fixed with the newest firmware. So give that a shot first.
    If you really can't stand it, get the opus (really big if you have space constraint), m2, or dsatx.


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      I have the m4 in my '05 GT.....when you get it working I have to admit its pretty bulletproof (it survived a full ground short when first powered on).

      Only change I made was to increase the power-on pulse from 500ms to the full 1000. i think some motherboards require a longer latch to to power on otherwise its 50/50.
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        Yeah. I mean it IS working. Just not as hoped/intended. I got an earlier model, so it's just a firmware issue more than likely. It's just annoying as hell, and I'm not going to build a ICSP device just to re-flash the thing.

        I'm just going to order an opus 360watter, replace this one when I get the other, and find out who I need to speak with at mini-box to get this shipped back to get updated from them. Then maybe just use it to power other peripherals when I get it back, even if a bit overkill. Probably just sit it in a drawer for a couple years until the next project comes along. *shrug*

        Thanks guys.
        2008 Ford Mustang GT/CS CARPC(99%)
        Software: Ride/Road-Runner, Digital FX skin 5.x, iGuidance 2011, GPSgate on Win7 64bit