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M4-ATX - Problem with "Min. VIN voltage while 5VSB=ON"

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  • M4-ATX - Problem with "Min. VIN voltage while 5VSB=ON"


    I've a problem with my "M4-ATX" power supply.
    Everything is working great until one only (small) problem.

    I use the following setting:
    Min. VIN voltage while 5VSB=ON - 11V

    This is perfect to use my carpc into standby modus, but if i startup my car for a very small time there is the battery power lower than 11 volts and the M4-ATX would disconnect the power supply.
    I need a way to define a timewindow maybe 1 minute who must power lower as 11 volts that the M4-ATX disconnects. Nearly the funktion "Ignition Debounce".

    Has anybody a hint for me?

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    I'm not sure how to program it into the M4.

    In my setup, I have put a small 12 volt lead acid battery near the computer with a diode between it and the regular car battery. This way, the rest of the car cannot pull power from this battery so during crank the computer has no problems. This would probably work in your setup as well.
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      This should work, but normaly it isn't necessary if this powercontrol of M4 isn't responding so fast.