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M4-ATX motherboard on/off pulse problem.

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  • M4-ATX motherboard on/off pulse problem.

    I used the M4-ATX for a while and I noticed a few problems around the motherboard on/off pulse:
    1. When i try to use the J8 connector to wake up the motherboard, it will takes more than 1 minute to send the "on" signal after the ignition is on. In the manual it says 5 seconds, and the time to send the on signal seems to be random, sometimes very fast, sometimes more than 1 minutes.
    2. I configured my computer in a way that it will hibernate when pressing the power button. As such, if i turn off the ignition, the computer will be automatically be hibernated. It works, but the hibernate process seems not be able to complete. As a result, next time when i turn on the ignition, the computer will hibernate again right after resume. I guess it is because the m4-atx cut the power too fast, such that the computer do not have time to complete the whole hibernate process? (remark: it does not have any problem if i choose the hibernate manually, the issue occur only when the computer being auto hibernate when the i turn off the ignition)

    Do anyone of you got the same issue? and how to fix it?

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    my M2 does the same thing.. i cant figure out if its the mobo or the psu... did you ever get yours working?


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      I have sent it back to mitxpc for replacement two weeks ago as they said the timing of the motherboard on/off pulse is an issue. But i still didnt get any response from them even though i dropped them a few mails to get the status.

      If you have the reboot issue, please check if you are using the on/off pulse jumper together with the usb connection. I noticed that the usb also send a pulse to the computer, which is another bug that i noticed.


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        maybe its just me im starting to think mitxpc or mini-box or whoever is manufacturing them, lacks Quality Control

        some issue comes up regularly with the m1/m2/m4 all the time...

        i myself went through 3 DOA m2 atx's before finally getting one that worked.


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          I agree with you, they do have problems on quality control and post sale service.

          I got replacement for my M4ATX a month ago (issue on P1 mode and USB problem)...and then got another issues which needs another replacement. I emailed them to get update and have never received response from them.


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            For reasons meantioned I set my M2 in dumb mode controlling on-off button and power to PSU with relays. When going into hibernation (or standby) fans stop, and that signal can be used to cut power.

            What if you press on-off button manually, MCPC? Will it still not complete hibernation?
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              if hibernation fails or is cut short, windows should give you some sort of indication that has happen on the next boot.

              i have been having some success with turning my ignition to ACC and letting my PC POST and then cranking the engine over. i have only had a few days to test this but so far so good. we'll see how it goes.