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  • Help Me PLEASE!!

    Ok i read the forum and i am just confused,pins 6 and 7 go to the motherboards on/off correct?

    Also is this diagram correct↓

    If this is correct where do the other pins go?
    Here is my notherboard pins↓

    Can someone just put this in SPECIAL terms for me maybe draw a picture LOL
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    pins 6+7: yes, those go to the motherboard on/off, you might need to reverse the 2 wires to get it to properly turn the motherboard on(one should be positive, and one should be negative, but because the manual doesn't state it, you'll have to try it both ways)

    pins 1-5 are for the usb connection.

    on the motherboard, you would need to connect the 5 pins to the same 5 pins on a usb connection.

    a quick diagram:

    pins on m4........ pins on MB

    pin 2
    pin 4
    pin 6
    pin 8
    pin 10(this pin is a second ground, and is not required)

    or, you can connect it this way(each usb connection has 2 physical connections on it):

    pins on m4........ pins on MB

    pin 1
    pin 3
    pin 5
    pin 7
    pin 5.................. not connected..
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      once again soundman is awesome
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