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M4-atx FW v2.1 mobo pulse issues

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  • M4-atx FW v2.1 mobo pulse issues

    Hello Everyone

    I've had my M4-atx for over 6 months now and its been operating fine, until yesterday... :/
    My carpc would not boot up when the car was switched on! so took it all out and bench tested with a normal ATX psu and it booted up, put the M4-atx back on and manually shorted the power pins and it booted up just fine, so the M4-atx is working fine execpt it's no longer sending the power on(or off) pulse.

    I tried resetting to factory settings with JP1, changing modes from P1 to P0 and some others and even made up a USB cable and installed the M4-atx software and fiddled with the settings(pwr on pulse etc.) as well as multiple combination's of the above to no avail... I find with the USB cable connected and the M4 in P1 mode that the PC hibernates fine even without the mobo header connected(obviously gets signal over the USB) so my solution for now is to wire a small push switch in parallel with the power switch header and use it to start the pc when starting the car.

    I have searched on here and also emailed for reply) any one got any other suggestions for me? I'm currently studying electronic engineering and I know my way around circuits, I also have a PIC programmer and some experience programming them, according to the M4 software the M4 firmware is version 2.1 (latest according to mini-box change log) perhaps the firmware has become corrupted, if I could find a copy of v2.1 would it be worth to try re-flash it?

    I'm moving city's in 2 weeks and I have a 1600km solo drive ahead of me so I NEED to get my CarPC 100% before then! :P


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    I think it just gave up and died? If it did, that sucks man.