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M4-ATX won't start Motherboard

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  • M4-ATX won't start Motherboard

    I'm working on my Chevelle build (the car is in the body shop for the next month unfortunately) but I can't get this darn M4-ATX to power up my motherboard.

    I have the M4-ATX plugged up to my motherboard and my motherboard seems to be getting power (the red LED on the mobo comes on) however, it never boots up or even tries to. The green light on the M4 blinks rapidly a few times, then just blinks forever at a slower rate. Now, this could be me being an idiot and not plugging something in correctly, but it seems that I have everything plugged up and I have tried every option that I can think of.

    The M4 is plugged in to the mobo, and the J8 jumpers 6 and 7 are plugged straight into the power switch on the mobo.

    1. My first question is if I'm plugging the jumpers to the correct place on the motherboard? It should be attached to the PWR switch where the case normally is plugged into so you can power it on. If this is not correct than I am an idiot, and if you could inform where I need to plug them in I would greatly appreciate it

    2. I have tried the M4 in P0 mode and P1 mode and no matter which one the motherboard won't turn on. (i have a regular power supply that turns the computer on no problem at all) This is the 2nd M4 that has done this. Is there some setting that I have to have in the BIOS of the Mobo to get it to work?

    3. Do I actually have to have the USB jumpers and grounds plugged in? J8 1-5...

    I have tried for 2 straight weeks when I get off work something different and I can't seem to get it to boot the computer...

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    I am having the exact same problem, Im just now getting started on my Carpc build and i would love to know what the heck is going on??? someone help us!


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      If all else fails you may also want to look at the turn-on pulse width. That’s the time the software switch in the M4 is held on. This software switch simulates the momentary push button press of a normal PC on/off button that it replaces. It’s programmable via the USB interface to the M4.
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        I'm probably going to have to program it as you said. I like the one minute wait but then again 20 seconds should be plenty

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