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  • Very Odd M4

    Alright so im trying to run my old pc right... Its a AMD dual core 4600+ proc with a huge gigabyte board. i pulled a stick of ram out so im running 1gb right now cause i just could not get this thing to start... So i plugged it up and i kept getting the quick booting lights liek the M4's do, then ill get the stupid constant green light flash, not quickly just slow and steady. flash, 2 seconds later, flash, 2 seconds later, ect.. so i left it alone while it was flashing, then all of a sudden the PC starts up!!! What the heck, this is weird, anyone else ever had this problem before? I can take a video if needed

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    Double post~ Sorry
    So i've been timing this, It takes one full minute after the first intitial 5 seconds of the start. im taking it this is the 1 minute autolatch?