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m4 power up problem

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  • m4 power up problem

    I have an m4 power supply just recently installed.

    The power supply is hooked up correctly. I have verified all my connections with meter. The m4 is not sending the pulse to turn on or off the mobo. The board lights up and will power on when manually shorting the pin jumpers. I've tried both modes p0 and p1. I have the ignition hooked up to the center terminal and would like it to function in ignition mode.
    If the designers of this pos are going to use the word"gratuitous" when they describe the pulse then I would expect to see something on the meter and I get nothing. I've tried reversing the polarity on pins to no avail.
    Help would be appreciated I don't want to have to rma yet another power supply that does not function as advertised.
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    When you say "hooked up correctly" do you just mean the 3 pwr connections to the pwr supp and the ATX connector to the board? With the M4, there are 2 things in addition that I can think of that you may need to look at. You need a jumper wire (2 wires together) from the board to your MOBO Pwr pins so the "Power On" and "Power Off" pulse makes it to the board (the pulse is not from the 3 power connections or through the ATX connector). Also, the dip switch settings (although you mentioned that you tried p0 and p1 so I assume you have already checked that).
    I don't remember if my M4 came with the jumper cable or not but I know that if it did, I replaced it with a long one.
    (On an associated side note, you may already know this but if not, to operate in the ignition mode the ignition wire has to be hot the whole time, once it's disconnected the M4 sends the "Power Off" pulse through the 2-wire jumper to the MOBO's Power Pins in the front panel header)

    Hope that helps (and made sense for that matter).