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M4-ATX mobo pin is a constant on now instead of pulse

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  • M4-ATX mobo pin is a constant on now instead of pulse

    Hello, I have a M-4ATX PSU that I have ran off an accessory power source (ignition) in my vehicle. I have had this setup for around a year now and It just recently started doing this new trick. Every time I key the car on with this hooked up the computer boots for 4 seconds then powers off. I have the amps tied into the delayed boot as well. They power on and stay on, but as soon as i remove the key all power off(within 1second). This is new from before as they used to be on a one min delay with the jumper settings I chose when installing I used a multi tester and checked the power switch jumpers on the mobo and it seems that when I put the key in the ignition it completes the circuit... then keeps completing the circuit rather than the expected pulse to power on the mobo. I disconnected the pulsed power on from the power supply and connected it to a temp momentary contact switch and that works fine so the motherboard and everything else seems to be ok. This just started the other day and its driving me nuts with what it could be. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance


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    If the wiring checks out then you should try resetting the M4 to factory defaults.
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