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Which M4 Power supply to buy?

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  • Which M4 Power supply to buy?

    Ok so I have been spending some time researching what power supply I should get and I'm hoping the M4 will work. I'm going to be running a quad core 3ghz processor that sucks a minimum of 100W of power. If you would like the specs ill post them, but its going to be insane.

    I'm looking at buying an M4 with the enclosure. Maybe I'm nuts but the search feature on this website never works for me?

    Has anyone used the enclosure and is it an actual standard fit for atx cases?
    Mini-Box SFX / ATX enclosure for M4-ATX

    Is there any big differences between these two, other that the obvious wide input?
    M4-ATX 250W Intelligent DC-DC PSU
    M4-ATX-HV 250W Intelligent DC DC PSU Power Supply Unit 6-34V Input

    Thanks a bunch, I hope someone can help.

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    Also curious about this mate. WHen and if you find teh answer PM me and i'll do likewise. I'm on the last leg of my carputer project and the last thing i need to buy is a power supply.


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      The range of input voltage they can take.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        I just placed my order about an hour ago. I bought the M4-ATX 250W Intelligent DC-DC PSU, Mini-Box SFX / ATX enclosure for M4-ATX and a bunch of other goodies as well. If you read the specs, they are pretty much identical except the different watts. ones a 220 ones a 250 peak 300W. Both take the same input voltage. I will let you know how it goes when I receive it. The big thing for me is finding a case that can support the M4 in the PSU case.