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USB Cable connection not working

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  • USB Cable connection not working

    I have a USB cable with the 4 pin header connection. If I use this cable with the PC motherboard it can successfully connect a mouse, keyboard, or thumb drive.

    When I connect the cable to the M4, I get nothing. I have the red wire to pin 5, white to 4, green to 3 and black to pin 2. The header goes to a female and then I have a male-A to male-A going to a PC usb port. The PC does not recognize a USB connection and the two software packages from mini-box both say device not found.

    I have tried with the M4 running and with it powered off. Is there anything else I need to do? Jumpers perhaps?

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    Just a few quich thoughts, from memory Windows will detect the M4 as a HID device and it will show up in device manager.

    If it hasn’t detected it then unless the board is faulty, it’s obviously has to be an incorrect connection between the M4 pins and the USB type-A connector you’re using, possibly just data +/- reversed?

    As far as I can remember no switches or links needed changing.
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      Data +/- are the correct way round. M4 just does not cause windows to detect anything connected. As the cables are working elsewhere it has to be the M4's USB not working. That's a real shame because I think a configuration change is all I need to get this thing working (just not shutting down correctly).


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        So 2 years later I come with the same problem... Getting 4.75V from the USB on the M4 ATX and 5.09 from my motherboard. Apparently 4.75 is the min for the spec, so it should in theory work.

        PC picks up nothing which is extremely frustrating. Using the revised pin config. Wondering if it could be something in the BIOS but I doubt it. So weird how the PC sees literally nothing even when there is something attached putting out a voltage.