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  • m4atx j8 connector

    has anyone been able to find a male connector that fits the female J8 pcb connector on the m4. Im looking for a connector that will accept the pins for wires and not the ribbon style cable like what a serial adapter would use. looking online seems to be an idc10 connector. but would like to have one with individual wires to use for the usb connection and the motherboard power on/off connection. Im wantint to be able to take an internal usb cable and depin it and put the pins and wires in the correct positions required by the m4, also taking the short on/off cable supplied with the m4 and pin it in the same connector. and sort of make a small harness for my car pc. rather have one connector in the j8 socket than 2 seperate connectors just being held in by their connections on the pins themselves. would also like to be able to pin my amp on in the j8 connector also. rather have one conector with the different wires for different functions in it instead of multiple connectors and the chance of them being inserted in the j8 conne4ctor wrong if not paying attention or if in the dash of a car pc.

    any help would be appreciated. looing for a idc10 conector that will accept pins for wires and not the crimp on ribbon cable style.

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    slociviccoup, +

    Or any of the other pre-crimped cables you want. Or buy them pins themselves from them! That connector is a really standard right angle 0.1" 2x5 connector. I believe IDC refers to the polarized connector and ribbon cable attachment style. The above connector will work, however it will not be polarized, so don't plug it in backwards. If you search hard enough you might be able to find polarized connectors.
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      most likely going to end up desoldering off an old motherboard a serial connector and soldering it to the m4 where j8 is. this will provide me the ablility to make a secure connection to the m4 using standard components available at radio shack. can also make my cables with existing usb, and power switch cables without having to splice, solder and heat shrink.