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  • M4 in 2014

    M4 seemed to be the clear choice when planning my new Car-PC until i started reading on here about them.
    Are the problems with it still not ironed out? My last Car-PC used this copy of what looks like an M2 and never seemed to have any problems with that.

    Is the M2 perfectly reliable?

    thanks for any advice

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    The only issue I know of for both the M2 & M4 is noise.
    It's usually not a problem, but if it is... (I'd suspect it's easier getting another...)


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      When you say noise what do you mean exactly the unit itself makes noise or interference thought the sound system?
      thanks for reply


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        noise in the form of EMF. it feels the "air" with electromagnetic frequency's, that disort the signal of the radios, and (maybe gps? i am not totally sure) , rendering them useless.. but if you don't use radio, then that is of no concern.
        It might also, induce some noise in all the signals of the pc,distorting sound or screen signals, although most people dont report something like that (but i do :P )


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          Well no interest in radio so that is fine. Think GPS in dashboard with psu in boot will work?

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            Originally posted by Charlie87 View Post
            Think GPS in dashboard with psu in boot will work?

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            i dont get you what do you mean psu in boot? in general, the closer the psu to the gps antena, the worst will be your signal. i personally , hadent had a problem with my gps (About 1m away) , but some people report it.. so, i guess on that meter, if you heard from someone who had the problem.


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              Charlie you are much better off and will have less problems with the DSATX. It is a much better power supply and I have heard no complaints in this forum about it. check it out and compare. Good luck SNO


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                haha sorry "settra' not clear enough i plan to have the pc with power supply in the boot of the car but the GPS receive would be running on the dash board from a USB hub.

                thanks 'Snowtwistr" looks like the better option

                thanks for the help guys