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    This question is a little broader than being specific to RV computers but I thought this would be the best place to ask it.

    I just purchased a Travel Trailer that I am looking at adding an inverter to (probably along with additional batteries) so that I can operate a computer and other electronics when not connected to an AC power source.

    I am considering two different configurations. The preferred configuration would be using the inverter along with a manual or continuous power switch (as would be used with a generator) to automatically transfer to AC power when the trailer is plugged in but I would not want the AC to DC converter to charge the batteries when running off the inverter (causing an endless power drain). The nice aspect of this would be that I could use the existing wiring.

    The alternative configuration would be to add additional outlets that would go directly back to the inverter.

    In either case would an AC power conditioner be a good idea to make sure the power is clean?

    Also, I am wondering if it is reasonable to feed AC power back to my truck or if I should just stick to using a separate smaller inverter there?

    I appreciate any input or recommendations on this.

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    What you want is a transfer switch, just like you'd use with a generator.

    As for feeding back to the truck, you technically could but I'd stick to the separate.
    I don't know what I'm doing anymore.