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    What is Destinator 3?:
    Destinator is a Satellite Navigation program, similar to Tom Tom, or OEM Car navigation systems. It works very well in the Car via a touchscreen interface for routing and navigation.

    Does Destinator 3 work on the PC?:
    Yes, it does, and it works very well

    What programs are used to run Destinator 3?:
    The Destinator program does not run 'on it's own', application developers make their own application which encapsulates it and provides it's functions in a touchscreen-friendly way. Common programs that use Destinator 3 for navigation are:FreeDrive and Map Monkey in particular work well running as part of Road Runner

    Who makes Destinator 3 then?:
    Destinator 3 is made by HSTC. The website for Destinator 3 is at

    I can't seem to find a PC version of Destinator 3? Where do you get it from?:
    There isn't a PC version of Destinator 3. The only way to get it running on the PC, is as follows:
    Or if this sounds like too much trouble, email [email protected] and ask them when the proper PC version is coming out. Either way, make it clear to them what you want to do before you pay anything and of course to make sure (if you want) that it's all above-board.

    Do I need to use the installation program at all to use the PPC version on the PC?:
    No, you don't need to. It is useful for importing POI data however.

    I want to activate my copy of Destinator 3 to access the Destinator 3 communities on the Destinator website for softwre updates and stuff. How would I do this?:
    The Destinator SDK people have an EXE that allows you to 'Activate' D3 on the PC to allow registration on their website. However, the last time I looked there was nothing of interest. There don't appear to be Map Updates for download, just 'PopupBlock' for Pocket PCs, and 'Skin Designer', which simply allows you to export the graphics for the icons (which you can do easily enough anyway). There are no 'community' forums to chat to other users of D3, or pester D3/HSTC about releasing a full PC version.

    I'm in the UK, and it keeps telling me to 'drive round the circle' at roundabouts. What's going on?:
    You are using the US voice files. You can copy the UK ones, after unzipping them from your Destinator CD, into a sub folder of "C:\DestinatorApps\Destinator\Common\Interface\Voi ce". Map Monkey already has these as part of the installation. Once they are there, you can select in the D3 settings 'Look and Feel', and change the voices to UK English.

    Destinator is not telling me which exit to take at roundabouts. Help!
    It sounds like you have old maps.
    If you're in the UK, have a look in your Map folder and in WCE.TXT. I know that Version 2004.Q3.2764 work correctly, as this is the version I have (which includes the M6 toll)

    Destinator sends me the strangest of routes!! What's going on?:
    As far as I can tell these are based on the map data, not Destinator. Different versions of the maps will calculate different routes to the same destination in many cases. Obviously, switching between 'shortest' and 'quickest' routes will have some effect too. I've noticed some of the routes I thought were crazy, were actually a lot quicker. I've seen in some cases it's tried to turn my down public footpaths, roads that say 'unsuitable for motor cars' etc and complained to Destinator with no reply. I would advise letting them know but in the meantime not following it down stupid roads, simply carry on and let it re-calculate the route. This error may be common to other navigation programs that use that specific version of the map you are using, as they pretty much all come from the same suppliers.
    In summary, OK you might know a quicker route, but come on, if you know the way you dont need to use the navigation program. When I've been going somewhere I don't know the way to, it has never let me down.

    I've seen on the Destinator website, that it supports TMC (Traffic updates and route avoidance). How do I get this working?
    There is an option in the 'Destinator SDK' called 'EnableTMC' which is supposed to allow TMC to work, if you have a GPS device which support TMC. There is no documentation in the SDK explaining this, however, or any interface for setup of it that we can see. A GPS/RDS-TMC receiver MAY work, however many people that would be able to get it to work don't have 200 or more to spend on a device that may be no-better than the 40 GPS device they already have, therefore we're not willing to risk it. TMC is also a closed standard, which means we don't know what the ID codes for roads are, and other relevant information that we could use to 'fake' a TMC receiver for testing purposes (or making a internet-based app that sits in the middle) either. If you want, you can buy a GPS/TMC USB PC receiver and lend it me to see if it does work, though I cannot guarantee it will.

    How do import my own POI data into Destinator 3?
    The Destinator console application on the Destinator 3 CD has a tool to convert CSV files into the Destinator DAT format. These are then added into the C:\DestinatorApps\Destinator\Common\Favorites folder.

    I have seen Destinator 3 on Ebay. How do I know that these disks are real?
    The disk(s) come in a DVD case and both the insert and CD(s) are professionally printed. They come with an activation code. Most of the copies I have seen on ebay look a little dodgy, in my humble opinion.

    I have a question not covered here, that I think should be answered here...
    Send me a private message and I will try to update this FAQ with the answer.
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    Thanks StevieG! Added to the FAQ of FAQ's.
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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