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FAQ: What is Spoon Feeding

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  • FAQ: What is Spoon Feeding

    What is Spoon Feeding? defines it as follows:
    spoon-feed (spnfd)
    tr.v. spoon-·fed, (-fd) spoon-·feed·ing, spoon-·feeds
    1. To feed (another) with a spoon.
    2. To treat (another) in a way that discourages independent thought or action, as by overindulgence.
    3. .
      1. To provide (another) with knowledge or information in an oversimplified way.
      2. To provide (knowledge or information) in an oversimplified way.

    Most often on the forums, "spoon feeding" refers to posters who ask questions, and refuse to put any effort or thought into their questions, as well as the answers they receive. They expect every answer to be dumbed down to the last detail, and expect that everyone else do their research for them.

    This is usually a characteristic of laziness, and not capability. Hence the saying, "I'm not handicapped, I'm just lazy."

    What is wrong with Spoon Feeding?

    Nothing, if you are unable to feed yourself.

    Examples of individuals who are incapable of feeding themselves include babies (fig. A), quadriplegics, severly injured people (fig. B), comatose people, and sometimes senior citizens. Usually these people also require the use of bedpans and/or diapers.

    fig. A

    fig. B

    How does this pertain to me?

    If you need to be spoon fed, you most likely fall into the category of the people above who cannot help themselves, and should therefore not be installing a computer in their vehicle.

    What can I do? I want to change!

    With just a little time, energy, common sense, and thought on your part, it should be possible to elevate yourself to a whole new level of self, and no longer require spoon feeding.

    A really great way to get yourself out of the spoon-feeding rut is to search the forum for what you're looking for. Did you know you can also use Google to search the MP3Car forums? It's probably even how you found the!

    You can find info on search techniques and tips here.

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