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FAQ: How to fix your OPUS 150W

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  • FAQ: How to fix your OPUS 150W

    ok now that you know how to hook it up.. ..
    your OPUS 150 may still not work... why? You're shorting a circuit!

    How do you know if this may be your problem:
    1) you double checked all your wiring
    2) you made sure the power switch was in its correct polarity
    3) you made sure your BIOS settings were correct
    4) you pulled out some hair
    5) after starting the ingnition the green LED on the OPUS will light up, signaling there is enough power, BUT the mobo doesnt turn on.. AND the fan on the OPUS doesnt turn on!

    If this is true you most likely have a short circuit in your OPUS... To confirm that this is your problem take off the screws on your OPUS and remove the top casing with the fan still attached. Now, try turning on the ignition... If it works then your OPUS was suffering from a short circuit.

    How to fix:
    1) Check the coil right behind the 8 pin connector
    2) You will find that it rubs against the cover of your OPUS, this is your short
    3) To fix this, simply take some electrical tape and cover up the portion of the case that rubs against the coil.

    That should do it!

    Not the best pic but you get the idea:
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    your my hero!

    Now i can put my fan and the top piece back on
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      glad it helped someone


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        could this also be the cause of an opus 150 not turning off ever? (until battery dies)


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          Problem: Opus 150 would automatically hard power down after about 20+ mins of use, even with a good 12volts running to it.

          Solution: Hook up the friggin Ignition "Option". Without the ignition wiring hooked up the Opus always thought my car was off and turned off automatically so as not to kill the battery. Theres probably a way around that but it bothered me for a long time and hopefully it helps other newbs answer an opus problem of their own.
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            you need to have all the wires hooked up. if the Opus doesnt shut down then its not likely that the problem is due to a short from the case. Either way, you could take 2 minutes to put some tape over that section to see what happens. If that doesnt work, it most probably because the Opus is not getting the signal to shut off/on. Do yourself a huge favor and invest in a multimeter. This will help you troubleshoot, allowing you to make sure each wire is sending out the correct voltage at the right time.