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FAQ: TomTom How To (PocketPC Emulator)

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  • FAQ: TomTom How To (PocketPC Emulator)

    I just downloaded and tried the the new pocketpc emulator from Microsoft. HOLY COW!!! TomTom runs smooth as a **** from a duck's ***. I'm guessing you still need a semi beefy machine to run it, but hey, try it anyway

    comments here please

    1. Download and Install the emulator and image files

    download efp.msi.

    get Device Emulator 2.0.

    install them both in their default directories.

    go to start menu -> device emulator -> Register Device Emulator

    2. Setup the environment

    Create a directory C:\Storage Card

    The first time you start the emulator, use the following command line switch.

    Right click somewhere, create a shortcut and paste this into it:

    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Device Emulator 2.0 Preview\DeviceEmulator.exe" "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 MSFP Emulator Images\pocketpc.nb0" /s "C:\pocketpc.dess" /p /sharedfolder "C:\Storage Card" /vmname TomTom /video 640x480x16 /memsize 256 /u1 com1

    call the shortcut it "Initialise Device Emulator".

    you can play with the resolution and memsize to get better performance. Also, you need to set /u1 to the com port that your GPS is plugged into.

    double click this new shorcut and be patient (up to 1min to init). This should start a pocketpc emulator for the first time. First thing is first, set the routed network adaptor to connect to the internet (not work). This should get the traffic service working (not tried it yet).

    Configure anything you'd like to configure on the virtual ppc, then close it and save the state when it asks you to.

    Now there should be a state file called c:\pocketpc.dess. Starting the emulator with this state file will restore the last position you left off. It's basically an image, so make a copy of it and call is something like basepoint.dess. That way, if you mess up, you can just delete your pocketpc.dess file and copy the basepoint.dess to pocketpc.dess and you'll be back to new again.

    To run an image directly, use the following command (again, paste it into a shortcut and call it TomTom this time)

    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Device Emulator 2.0 Preview\DeviceEmulator.exe" /s "C:\pocketpc.dess" /nosecurityprompt

    Test this and you should end up where you were last time.

    3. Install TomTom

    There are two ways to install TomTom. If you haven't already got TomTom installed on a pocketpc, then use step 3a, otherwise if you have TomTom installed somewhere you can access use 3b.

    3a. Use Active Sync to install TOMTom

    I'm doing this from memory so may not be 100% accurate. any questions, just ask.

    install Activesync. goto connections settings and enable "allow connections to one of the following:" and select DMA from the list.

    run the TomTom shortcut and go to start->programs->active sync. click on Menu, then select "connections". Make sure DMA Default is selected. click ok.

    Now start theDevice Emulator Manager (from the start menu) and click on refresh, you should see "TomTom" running. right click it and select cradle. Cancel the sync wizard (unless you want to sync your contacts so you can navigate to them).

    When they are connected, you should be able to use the tomtom cd to install it. I would recommend that after you do this, you take the steps below in 3b in case you need to do it again.

    3b. Use an existing TomTom installation

    This is my preffered method as once it's done, you can hard reset the device emulator and still restore. There's no reason why you can't install it the first time using the method above, then take these steps so that you dont' have to do active sync installations every time you hard reset. you'll see what I mean as you read.

    Copy the Great-Britain-Map (or other country) to c:\Storage Card\Great-Britain-Map and copy the Navigator directory to the c:\Storage card\Naigator folder.

    You'll also need to copy the TomTom directory from the device's "My Documents" folder to the StorageCard directory. This contains a file named currentmap.dat

    So now you should end up with this directory structure in the StorageCard directory

    - StorageCard
    - - TomTom
    - - - currentmap.dat
    - - Navigator
    - - - data05.chk (number may be different depending on voice selected)
    - - - data.chk
    - - - navigator.cfg
    - - - TomTom Navigator.exe
    - - Great-Britain-Map
    - - - cline.dat
    - - - cnode.dat
    - - - cname.dat
    - - - ...a whole load more files...

    open the curretmap.dat in notepad and make sure the line reads "! \Storage Card\Great-Britain-Map\ ". if it doens't, change it so it does but make sure you don't mess with the whitespaces before and after the string.

    delete the navigator.cfg file

    next, start the emulator and use file explorer to copy the TomTom directory from the storage card folder, to \My Device\My Documents\TomTom

    create an empty directory called \My Device\TomTom

    now, go to \Storage Card\Navigator and make sure you can see TomTom Navigator.exe

    you may want to save the state at this stage by closing the emulator. Make a copy of the c:\pocketpc.dess file so you can restore to that point if anything goes wrong.

    start the TomTom shortcut again and click on TomTom Navigator. Be patient, it takes about 10-30 seconds to start

    if you did everthing correctly, you should now see tomtom asking you a load of config questions. go through them all. If the orientation is the wrong way up, dont' worry, you can fix this later.

    click on the tomtom screen once you see the map, and click on configure. click next page, until you see GPS status. click on configure then select the port serial 1. check that you are receiveing a GPS signal. (a small disc should be spinning, this shows an active data stream, and after a while you should see a position lock).

    I would now close and save the state, and back it up.

    from this moment on, whenever you launch the TomTom shortcut, it should take you directly into a running TomTom.

    UPDATE: I can confirm that TomTom can connect to th tom tom website if a network is available. this means that traffic services can be used. for those that are unaware what this is, check tomtom's website. it basically reroutes if there is traffic on ur route... handy!

    comments here please
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