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FAQ: What do I do abut spam in the forums?

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  • FAQ: What do I do abut spam in the forums?

    Spam is prevolant here at, as well as any other forum. We try to combat it. As a forum participant, you can help deal with spam when some unscrupulus individual decides to hawk gold farming, illegal cell phones or Nigerian financial scams. Here's how you can do your part:
    1. Report the post.
      Reporting the post will trigger an email to all the moderators. Whichever moderator is able to respond to the reported post will delete the offending thread and ban the user as soon as they are able.
      To report the post, click on the triangle in the user profile section of the screen layout. See the attached screenshot.

    2. Don't reply to the thread.
      This will simply bring the thread back to the top every time someone replies to the thread. Spammers don't deserve the attention.
      The only exception to this is if you report the post as spam. A reply stating that the offensive post has been reported will prevent multiple reports of the same post, which would inundate the moderators' inboxes with reported posts.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
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