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Review Pioneer AVH-P4900DVD

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  • Review Pioneer AVH-P4900DVD

    Just recently updated my headunit to a DVD Pioneer and wanted to share with you guys what's in the box, the unit does not comes with a remote that remote that you see on the pic I got it for 15.00 bucks.

    The unit does not play Divx as stated on some web site (not pioneer site)
    The unit does not play GigaMP3 in case you asked you're self
    The unit has a very simple menu and when I say simple I mean it.
    The touch screen system works great.
    It has memory which is a very cool stuff because if you seen a DVD and you take it out next time you insert the same DVD it will play where you left off.
    The unit has automatic sensor for the brightness of the screen
    Has no LCD on the outside once the screen is inside so you can't really tell where you standing if you only listening to MP3 with the screen inside.
    Has a Fan so It won't over heat
    Has special connection for the rearview camera (cool stuff)
    Sound really great, better the my last Sony MEX-BT5000BT which is a nice unit.
    EQ, BASS and those sound setting details works nice
    The screen looks clean sharp and bright
    Button are red and blue
    Has ONLY 1 wallpaper and 1 Screensaver WTF!!
    Can't load pictures as background
    Since it does not come with a remote you have to do every setting on the screen which is a pain on the butt, sometimes it requires to push 2 button at the same time to get to a setting or push a button for 3 to 5 sec.

    If you have any additional question please PM me

    Will have more pics on the interface and installed later one during the week.