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Hardware Review: T-view T92VGA

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  • Hardware Review: T-view T92VGA

    Hardware Review: T-View T92VGA

    What it is/does: 9.2" VGA WIDESCREEN Monitor with 2 composite inputs, 1 audio

    Reviewed by: Timmy M
    Manufacturer : T-View
    Model: T92VGA
    Display size: 9.2 inch (16:9) WIDESCREEN
    Wireless Remote control
    Stylus for touch screen
    VGA & video inputs, 1 audio input
    Touch screen included
    System: PAL & NTSC auto switching
    Built-in speaker
    All functions can be controlled by remote
    Wide view angle
    Resolution : 800*R.G.B. *480
    Dual Video (VGA) Inputs & 1 audio Input
    Power Supply: DC +12v
    All Functions can be controlled by Remote Control
    Driver CD included
    Mounting stand included
    OSD menu
    Dimension: 9.1(L) x 6.2(H) x 1(W) in Inches Approx.
    Price: $175
    Shipping: $15
    Rating: 8/10
    Purchased at: eBay
    three inputs
    fairly bright
    mirroring/flipping. I believe it's independent of each input.
    I believe it has auto-on.
    built in regulator so it can be connected to automotive power.

    Could be brighter
    funky power connector.
    Touchscreen driver or screen seems to be a bit flaky.

    Review: I bought this off of eBay, actual link supplied above. I got it to replace the 12" screen that was way too big. I can't supply any pictures of the actual unit, all I have is a camera phone which doesn't take good enough pictures. The one's I'm posting are from the auction. It comes with a remote which I've never used, all the controls are on the front of the screen and work just fine. A power/composite/audio cable, VGA cable, stand that tilts and pans, stylus. There are cables/pigtail from the back of the monitor. On the left side (looking at the front of the monitor) has the VGA and USB. The right side has a PS/2 connector that supplies power, two video inputs and one audio input.

    The 12" that I had was suppose to be 250nit, I'm not sure what this is rated at but I would say it's probably around 300-350nit. It is certainly brighter but not daylight readable.

    The dimensions given in the auction and quoted above are a bit off. I measured it and found it to be 9.25 x 6.25. I didn't check the thickness.

    I have this running off the my computers PSU, M2-ATX. When I start the computer up it turns on the monitor and there is a picture. I'm not sure if this is considered auto on or not.

    The only problems I've had with this monitor seems to be the touchscreen or it's drivers. Works fine in RR but when trying to navigate windows, the curor seems to jump around a lot. It could be the fact I'm running it at 800x600 and not the 800x480. It's not really a huge problem since I'm usually just in RR.

    The other problem is the power/video cord. In the picrture that shows the cords and stand it's the cord on the left. That cord is close to 8' long! That's 8 FEET! which I suppose would be great if you were running a backup camera, but if you were trying to run something like a DVD and a camera its going to be funky. Also at the end of this cable is the wires for power. They run into the little square box in the picture. Why anyone would want to run the power 8' away I'm not sure. I'm not using a camera or DVD at this time so what I did was cut up a keyboard extention cable and spliced in the power to that. It would have made a lot more sense to have a seperate power connector. I might try and open it up some day and see about doing just that. That way I could then run a camera without relocating the power. One good thing about the power is that it has it's own regulator (little square box) and fuse. This could, and I might just do it someday, hook directly to the automobile system.

    This monitor more then fits my needs and I would certainly consider buying another one.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    There seems to be some question as to how to wire this. I didn't notice it at first but on the VGA cable there is a female plug. I didn't use the extention cable so I didn't notice it until someone asked about it. In the directions it is labeled as "DC In Jack". What that does I have yet to figure out. The directions give no clue as to what you're to do with it.

    The way I powered it was with the extremely long power/video cable. I removed the box that contains the fuse and ran the red wire to the yellow wire on the PSU and the black of course to the black PSU wire. The plug is a PS/2 style so I bought a keyboard extention cable, cut off one end and then figured out which pins where for power and ground and spliced it in.

    I have had this monitor now for a couple of weeks. For the most part it's pretty good. I have had nothing but problems with the touchscreen. It was flaky on the right hand side 1/4". Then for some unknown reason it started working again. Then my HD went out and I've had to start installing eveything again. The touchscreen drivers once again were problematic. I recalibrated so many times I can do it in my sleep. It seems to work for awhile then gets flaky again. With my luck, I somehow broke the driver disk that came with it. The disk it self had not name, or version number on it. I believe it's made by Touchkit. I've downloaded some driver that didn't work, finally found something that seems to be working at this time. After having a ELO touchscreen that worked flawlessly, this has gotten to be real irritating.

    Hope that helps.



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      So I think I have the touchscreen problem figured out. It appears that the way I've mounted the screen put too much pressure on the side of the case which put pressure on the touchscreen. I've loosen it up and seems to be working better now.


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        Hello. First post. I have the PYLE PLHR9TSB, paid the same price and it's the exact same screen with remote and all the same wires it looks. Even the box is the same in color and design by says Pyle instead of TView.

        I'm going to agree with the posting. It works great. I have it mounted in my Jeep with a RAM mount and don't have any problems. Well, I didn't have problems. Something recently happened to my laptop I was using and VGA out doesn't work anymore, but after triple checking, it's not the monitor it's the notebook.

        So a sidenote. If anybody know how a VGA out port can be recognized by windows (vista or xp) but not send a signal to the LCD, please let me know.

        Otherwise, the only complaint is the stylus they provide. There's nowhere to put it. So in my mind it's pointless.


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          You're right, the stylus is pointless but it does come in handy sometimes when you are trying to work in windows and not a frontend. I cut a small slit in my sunvisor and slid it in there. I've rarely used it but its in a handy spot when I need it.

          I would also add that the brightness controls on the front of the monitor are a great bonus. At night I can turn the brightness completely off and it's just perfect. It would have been handy if the controls were lit but I pretty much know where they are at so its not a big deal.


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            I purchased the T92VGA last weekend and currently testing it. I had the same question regarding the power connections and with a little help from a volt meter, the connection on the back of the computer end of the VGA cable is a 12v in with the outside being ground. I had the same thought as to why would you want to use such a long power cable with the external camera connections, but my thought on that is for the camera itself and not the monitor. The power flows through the monitor to the power connection near the camera inputs. Personally, I would power the cameras independant of the monitor.


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              any updates on this guys?


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                Originally posted by 3l33tPhantom View Post
                any updates on this guys?
                update on what?


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                  is the PLHR9TSB/T92VGA a good screen?

                  it's the only one i can find at 9.2"
                  10.4" is too big and 7/8" is too small

                  someone said it is bad in the sun... true?

                  I will be adding the 3M products to it


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                    Ive had no problems with it. It's not what I'd call direct daylight readable. more like daylight make-out-able. I've mounted mine with about 40 degree angle to keep the glare down. that helped a lot.


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                      Does it come with any warranty?

                      I am thinking to buy the tview t92vga as well. How is the quality so far? Does it come with any warranty. Thanks!


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                        I am new and I am also interesred in this screen. Actually, does anyone already open the screen and does anyone know the size of the LCD panel and who makes the LCD panel?


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                          Im glad some one finally did some kind of review on the Tview. (Some one might have before) Im in the process of doing my third CarPC install and this is the second time I have used a Tview. I bought a 7" touchscreen model and its a little bulky for my taste compared to the 8" I used last time but its a really nice monitor. My touchscreen is fine, havent ran into any issues with either of them. Just because its a bargain on ebay doesnt always mean its complete garbage. I think the Tview is really one of those cases. Both of the ones I have owned came from ebay and they have both been awesome.


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                            Hey thats the same screen ive got!

                            I liked it a lot, 9.2 inch was great and not expensive. Its not too good in the sunlight, could be brighter. I think i have a Hertz problem though because the screen has a faint scanning line that moves from the top to the bottom. It's a bit thicker than i'd hoped and once i figured out the odd wiring configuration it was no problem.

                            I mounted my screen as a flipdown and the screen hit my gearshift lever a few times but still worked normal. I stopped driving the car for a few months and then when i went back the calibration is an inch or so off at around the spot at which it hit the gearshift, so I can't exactly reach all parts of the screen. Not really a problem so much for me because i just really use iTunes and MS streets&trips. But surfing the web is a problem. Also touching the far edges of the screen seem a bit hard to do.

                            I guess the screen isnt the most durable, but then again it is really my fault too.
                            1995 Pontiac Trans Am 5.7 L LT1 V8
                            9.2" TView Touchscreen
                            Dell Inspiron 8600 Laptop and dock
                            Intel Centrino, 768MB RAM, 80 GB HD
                            Panasonic BD-5300 Head Unit
                            Flowmaster Exhaust

                            Nothing beats the sound of a V8 that likes to speak up...


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                              Pyle plhr9tsb

                              am thinking about buying one but do i need a computer to work the dives ?