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GWC HU2G40 4-Port USB2.0 Hub (Verdict: Sweet)

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  • GWC HU2G40 4-Port USB2.0 Hub (Verdict: Sweet)

    Review for: GWC HU2G40 4-Port USB2.0 Hub

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    So, having only 2 USB ports (which is complete s**t since I want to have more than just my screen and the GPS receiver), I decided it was time to grab a USB 2.0 hub. I tried ordering this from Newegg, but it came DOA (). So, I sent it back, got some $ back, and then I chose this little guy. Funny thing was that I didn't even realize it was from the same company. So it came, I put it in my car, and *drum roll* it worked. Note: I used it WITHOUT the power connector. Now I know what some of you are thinking: why the hell buy a 4-port with one off to the side? Well, grasshoppers, since this thing is so small, I plan on integrating it somewhere in my dash and using that side port as a dedicated port for that the USB touch screen plugs into, all while keeping that USB cable hidden behind the dash. Hell, I could even buy another, stack them, and use the two side ports for the GPS and touch screen inputs, all while keeping them hidden in the dash, and have 6 ports for whatever else I feel like. There is really only one con: I have an opus 150w, and therefore the hub stays on when my car is off. Although this drains hardly anything, it could become an issue in the cold, winter months (-21 degrees in North Country New York). Anyway, the thing's tiny, it works, and overall, I'm very happy. I recommend it.

    Pros: Very small, works
    Cons: side port (for some),

    Verdict: For 13$, it's a good buy, 8.5/10
    CarPC: 100%
    Software: 100%
    Amps/Subs: 0% (on hold)
    Fabrication: Need help!!! Someone in Boston area who can help me with this please send me a PM.

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    No bad info, Very compact and clean. Works well and provides optional power supply.
    Except that it is only 2 USB ports.
    aaa... personal... audio software


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      How are you powring the USB Hub?


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        So Why does it stay on when the car is off? Is it because of the PSU you are using? Or is that how a usb hub port works?