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Hardware Review: TFT Display Suction holder

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  • Hardware Review: TFT Display Suction holder

    Hardware Review: TFT Display Suction holder

    What it is/does: Holds your screen to your car window

    Reviewed by: Terran Brown ( ccsnet )
    Manufacturer :
    Model: Display Suction holder
    Specs: N/a
    Price: 16.92
    Rating: 8/10
    Manufacturer website:
    Purchased at:
    Pros: Very stong sucker - well built.
    Cons: Could do with been ratcited left / right as an option

    I had the chance to try this out at the weekend as Shoulders ( my ever hidden bro ) bought one for use with the old style CarTFT screen ( we'll come to that in a min ).

    First of all - this thing has a strong sucker. Even with out flicking the switch on the back to engage the vacum it was stong.... with the switch pulled it had more strength than the face hugger from the Aliens sarga. Infact I had a couple of problems mounting it as I caught the surface when trying to postition it and it stuck.... I mean REALLY stuck.

    The arm its self is very strong and the up / down screw it ratchited which means once its in place it will not move. Now the left / right screw is not rachtited which could be good if you want to move the screen every so often because of sun light or a passenger but imho you could do with the option of both here. Some times you may want to 'lock it off' but will be unable to do so....

    The plate that attaches to the screen its self is detachable from the main arm meaning that if you wish you can remove the screen when you leave the car for added security and because the whole unit is well built it wont break after a few goes.

    Right - this was actually bought for use with an old style cartft screen ( the old lili ones ) which actually has a diffrent shoe size to the current models which this will fit straight off.

    To that end I spent around 30 mins dremelling down the center of the shoe of the new bracket as the old style screens take a thinner size ( width ). You need to take around 3-4mm right down the length to get a tight but no imovable fit. Officially do say this will not fit - it does now :whistling:

    To summerise - watch your face as that sucker is very strong... the arm will not let you down as its very well made how ever the left / right screw could possibley do with the option of it been ratchited too.

    Great value for money if you want a removable screen mount and do not want to damage any part of your car with it.

    Cartft say.....

    This rugged mounting unit enables a secure and consistent fixation of all TFT-Displays with metal-bar on almost any surface. The mounting unit can be adjusted stepless at 2 axis. The high-class working of the unit also allows the mounting of very heavy devices like for example TFT displays with up to 12 inches screen size or UMPCs.

    - Particularly suitable for mounting at windows
    - Suitable for touchscreen displays
    - Suction happens comfortably by using a lever
    - Holds up to 27 kg !
    - Max. metal bar opening width : 7,25mm

    Scope of supply:
    - Suction mounting unit
    - Clearing tissue for preparation of surfaces (not needed on windows or other plain surfaces)
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    so where do u get em i the usa?


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      Originally posted by ccsnet View Post
      with the switch pulled it had more strength than the face hugger from the Aliens sarga.

      I also notice a few Terrabisms.
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        Originally posted by sl33pyriceboi View Post
        so where do u get em i the usa?
        I belive they ship world wide.

        Originally posted by 2k1Toaster View Post

        I also notice a few Terrabisms.
        ... Would you expect any less ?

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