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(VoomPC) Ampie Case Custom Wiring Harness

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  • (VoomPC) Ampie Case Custom Wiring Harness

    Seeing the need for this, I'm reviewing my very own (VoomPC) Ampie Case wiring harness. This harness makes the installation of your Ampie Case a snap. You don't have to worry about running any wires/connectors in order to get ground/12v/5v connections anymore. All the work is done for you and all you need is to make the snap connections. All connectors are installed and soldered together, no shortcuts taken.

    Each cable is labeled according to the requirements of the buyer. The outside connectors include the following:

    Connector 1 (For USB hub/screen, etc): 5v/12v/ground/ground
    Connector 2 (For Computer & amp): 12v/Ignition/Amp remote/ground

    All connections can be custom requested by each user.

    Price is $25 dollars +shipping. PM me if interested.

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    Wow! Nice work. Any pics installed into the car's wiring?


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      That is basically how it's installed in the car's wiring. I have all the connections comming from the car's wiring connect via a molex connector as well. This enables me to remove/reinstall the computer quickly if I need to.

      I'll take some pics so you can see.


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        I definitely need this for my car. i have a voom pc withe jetway motherboard. I need simple connectors so i can just wire it to a switch in my car.