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  • Jetway NC62K Review

    Link is here

    Hardware Review: JETWAY NC62K

    What it is/does: Awesome Car PC Mobo

    Reviewed by: Swordfishunter
    Manufacturer : Jetway
    Model: NC62k
    Specs: AM2 /AM2+ Motherboard. Nvidia Chipset 8200 Graphics. 1 DDR RAM slot. 1 PCI, 2 Serial Ports - get this 10 USB. also available HDMI sound.
    Price: Check at Car TFT
    Rating: 9.99/10
    Manufacturer website:
    Purchased at:

    Pros: Here it is. Dual core for the car. I "had" a MSI fuzzy 945gm1 for about 3 days before I gave it back. That thing posted slower than USPS, intermittent hangs, and unreliable graphics drivers.

    I've paired this mobo with a Amd Athlon X2 2.5ghz 4850e which, according to specs 45w.

    16GB SSD, 2GB ram and a 160gb hdd.

    BIOS Post plus time to desktop is approx 8 seconds with full xp install, services disable and some tweaks.

    It's smooth, creamy, and havn't had a single problem for the 3 days bench / car testing it.

    Nvidia Drivers do 800x480 without any fuss.

    I have not tested the onboard sound yet as I'm running my Auzentech X Meridian... although I'm sure it is better than via and the like.

    I ran this board with soundcard, and 1 SSD, 1 HDD and 1 stick of ram on a pico 120w PSU... however, the addition of a DVD drive proved too much, so I had to upgrade to a 220w PSU.

    It's bios is suited for serious overclocking and customization, have a look at the manual on jetways site.

    It's a pretty awesome board, with RR running, playing ASIO and Nav, CPU consumption is around 9-10%. With the addition of visualization, it shoots to about 30%

    It's a pretty solid looking board with big capacitors all over.

    I didn't even bother updating the bios so far and still running the drivers that came with the disk... not a single freeze/crash/hang/bsod despite all the tweaking / horm / ewf etc.

    Awesome board for those looking for an intel alternative. C2D's seem to have a longer post than the AMD... go figure, everyone i've asked (retailers) says so.

    BTW this board is blueray capable.

    Cons: AMD heatsink is a little tall for most cases...

    No bios logo, if not it'll be perfect.


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    Good review... I am looking to replace my C7 2.0 GHZ...With the advances in RR and the expanding device usage it doesn't keep up for me.


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      When the board is running at 30%, do you notice any slow downs like the front-end running slower?

      Also how's the board performing so far? Anything you've noticed whether it be good or bad? Did you tweak any BIOS settings yet?


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        no slow downs at all.

        I tweaked the basics for speed....removed unnecessary hdd's, ports, etc... there's a lot more in the bios which i didn't dare to explore, stuff with overclocking etc... there are bios updates but honestly i havn't bothered as i have no problems.

        There's already 2 bios updates on the jetway site, but im confused to whether it's a cumulative upgrade, or i have to do one by one, so i just left it.

        I have 0 problems with this board. Running sp3 that's pretty good. my msi "fussy" had severe freezes for no apparent reason.

        If you go to the site, the instruction manual has the complete bios guide, which has the overclocking features etc...

        From my experience, my VGA always gives me a problem, sometimes it doesnt detect, outputting to the wrong port etc... with this, i can choose 'always vga" which solves the problem once and for all.

        Like I said the only cons with it so far is the massive amd heatsink, which is larger than a c2d. There's also no spare sysfan power connector as the graphics chip also uses a small heatsink and fan.

        It requires a 4 pin direct to the mobo in addition to the 20 pin atx slot, so you'll need the dsatx, m4atx, or m2atx or better yet, an Opus..

        Im using a case with dual pci risers, I'm still sourcing a tv card to see compatibility. SO FAR- an old pci usb card works, however i'm not sure if a tv card would cause any problem.

        There's one thing in the bios which allows it to boot from removable hard drive!!!! all you cf, thumbdrive, nliting addicts, this might be for you.

        I did not have any problem with the SSD though.


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          more about the processor... the 4850e.

          2.5 ghz dual core at 45w is good enough for me...
          although this board is quad core capable.

          it uses an am2 / am2+ socket.


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            Thanks for the reply. You're making me a believer in this board. For the longest time I've been looking at the D201GLY2A for my next carPC. But I may spend the extra money on your mobo + proc combo.

            I hope others post their experiences with this board because I'm strongly considering this one.


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              I am really considering this board. How are you running 2 PCI off it? I see only one.

              And what is this standing for? "16GB SSD"?

              Also, with the Enormous heatsink on the CPU how high is it? I have mine stashed under seat and don't know if I could fit it.

              Thanks for the updates


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                Though a dual pci riser.

                16gb ssd is a 16 gb solid state drive.

                The heatsink is about 4.5 inches.


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                  Solid state huh??? I was always wondering when they were going to start popping up...They faster?

                  Thanks for the info on the height.


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                    8 Seconds cold start or resume?


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                      8 secs cold start with services disabled, booting into RR.

                      I expect it to get slower though as time goes by


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                        That's still pretty good. Just with services disabled? I have a bunch disabled but unfortunately ya can't ditchem all....Thanks for the update.


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                          Confirmed dual PCI riser is working. I've tested a souncard with a PCI ethernet, and a soundcard with a gfx card.

                          I'm running it with this case.


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                            Hows the onboard sound in this motherboard ?


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                              like i said,

                              i have no idea, honestly i didnt even test it. It's disabled in the bios, and the drivers are not installed I'm running a PCI soundcard.