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GNet module used for BMW E83

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  • GNet module used for BMW E83

    In my on going project - still not completed of installing a CarPC in my E83 I installed a GNet module to provide video to the Navigation display. I have documented this installation in another thread here.

    The link for GNet is -

    The module has been installed in the E83 (BMW-X3) vehicle for almost a year now. Initially the first module I installed failed. I replaced it under warranty - it was only one or two months old.

    Mostly has been untouched now since last year and used only for testing at this time. Last week while testing newest CarPC noticed that the picture was pretty bad. The way it was mounted it was difficult to have a good look at it and difficult to adjust (Initially adjusted it for PC picture and left it alone).

    Had a close look at the device and noticed that the Brightness and Contrast trimmer pots had fallen off. I called GNet to repair or replace and they stated that they do not repair them and my warranty had run out. So looking now to fix the HW device myself. Meanwhile going a different route with a new computer to Navigation box. Will document. So a quick review of the GNet module.

    1 - Instructions for installation were good
    2 - device appears to be of good contruction - except for the Brightness & contrast trimmer pots falling off
    3 - BMW propietary cables & labeling of cables were done well.
    4 - Vendor service - bad - should have offered to fix unit.
    5 - Video Input is via RCA jack
    6 - Allows for two video input jacks (I used one for the PC)
    7 - One wire when connected to ground turned video on in Navigation Module
    8 - Using Reslers IBUS interface & Video GNet Module I was able to get video via AUX port on E83
    9 - Overall video quality was acceptable but not as good as utilizing Video Aux port on BMW OEM Video Module (which I am using on my E46).

    There are a few competitors with prices from $200 to $800 USD. The higher priced are modified BMW TV Tuner OEM modules. I lucked out with purchasing the modified OEM TV Tuner module for my E46 for around $200 USD. I will be trying a new direct VGA combo IBUS interface module next.
    Attached Files
    E83 - CIS-IBUS PC interface, AUX & CarPC. Purchased & pending - Angel eyes Pending: remote start.
    E46 - 16:9 display, CIS-IBUS, Radio to V53, AUX, USB IBUS interface,Mini ITX computer & remote starter.